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Glove Box Guide to Alpacas is now available!

Twenty-five years of working with alpacas has culminated in the production of a robust, 120-page, A5,¬†Glove Box Guide to Alpacas. The first half of the guide contains information on husbandry, cria care,… read more

Selenium (Se) supplementation in alpacas

Veterinarian Dr Robert Van Saun, from PennState University, has written a comprehensive article on selenium (Se) supplementation in camelids which can be read here. Dietary Se content issues in camelids are yet… read more

Unpacking time – developing the maternal bond

It has been found in sheep studies, that good bonding between dam and offspring leads to better lamb survival. The same is likely true for alpacas. Make sure during the 2-hour (up… read more