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Feeding urea to alpacas

Urea is a non-protein source of nitrogen that can be used by fore-gut fermenters such as alpacas, goats, sheep and cattle as a source of protein. The microbes in the first compartment… read more

Are your crias growing?

The chart above illustrates alpaca cria growth rates under Australian conditions. The solid line represents what is reasonably and ideally achievable by alpacas grazing pasture with appropriate supplementation, whilst the dotted line… read more

Are your alpacas hungry?

If your alpacas are grazing short, dry-standing feed at the moment, there are not enough nutrients in the feed to maintain body condition score, let alone grow, gestate or lactate. You need… read more

Vitamin D Time!

The winter solstice has gone and July is here! It is time to treat your camelids with vitamin D again to ensure appropriate calcium and phosphorus regulation and bone growth (first treatment of… read more