Drench classes …

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There are 5 different drench groups/classes you should be aware of when treating gastrointestinal worms. Generally speaking, if  you have drench resistance to one product within a group, there will be drench resistance to all products in that group.

  1. BZ = benzimidazoles = “white” drenches
  2. LEV = levamisole = “clear” drenches
  3. ML = macrocyclic lactones = “mectin” drenches
  4. MON = monepantel = “orange” drenches
  5. CLOS = closantel = barber’s pole worm specific drench

When you are buying drench, READ THE FINE PRINT to work out which drench class you are buying from! Ask your veterinarian to assist you. Have a look at the Worm Boss site for more information about different drenches.