Have you shorn your alpacas yet this season?

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Alpacas and llamas require annual shearing as they do not shed their fleece. At this time of the year, unshorn camelids are at risk of heat stress and fly-strike. If you have not already had your herd shorn this spring/summer, get to it now so that they have enough fleece when the weather cools down in autumn. The Australian Alpaca Association has a list of alpaca shearers here: https://www.alpaca.asn.au/resources/alpaca-shearers. As a courtesy to your shearer, provide a clean and shaded area to perform the task. Have bags ready to sort and store fleece.

If your shearer offers to vaccinate your herd at the same time, make sure the vaccine is in-date and been stored correctly (see Cria Genesis Alpaca PDF Note (245kb) on vaccination) and new needles and syringes are used to maintain biosecurity on your farm. Preferably, perform vaccination yourself using your own vaccine and equipment for optimal quality control.

It may be prudent to trim toe nails when each animal is restrained for shearing. Ensure toenail clippers are on-hand and sharp.