Did you buy an alpaca last weekend?

If you are introducing new alpacas onto your farm, don’t forget to isolate them when they arrive as part of your biosecurity plan. Have a look at: and specifically implement the… read more

Selecting and culling alpacas

The following are words of wisdom by Dr. Bruce McGregor, Senior Research Fellow – Animal Fibres, Deakin University, Australia: “There is a higher risk attached with alpaca selection using samples taken earlier… read more

Alpaca farm biosecurity

Animal Health Australia has put out a manual on farm biosecurity for grazing livestock at The manual provides a set of voluntary, cost-effective guidelines to help reduce the risk of disease entering… read more

To grind or not to grind?

With shearing upon us, a reminder that across-herd angle-grinding of alpaca incisor teeth should not be undertaken by your shearer. In Victoria, tooth grinding of sheep has been listed as a prohibited procedure… read more

Parasites during winter

A review of submission results for alpaca faecal egg counts across Victoria over the last few months has shown that gastrointestinal parasite surveillance has been sporadic at best, but thankfully most counts… read more