What is a quarantine drench?

When you bring new animals onto your farm, you do not want to bring on any drench-resistant worms that may be lurking within. Therefore, you should “quarantine drench” all new alpacas to… read more

Worm control in alpacas

Good news! A new, 3-year alpaca gastrointestinal parasite project has just started at the University of Melbourne, in conjunction with RIRDC and AAA. Until more is known about alpaca parasite species, behaviour, drenching etc … information from… read more

Is it fit to load?

Follow the link for your free hard copy or PDF copy of the National Guide to the Selection of Animals Fit to Transport (2012). The Standards replace the individual state/territory livestock transport provisions… read more

Drench classes …

There are 5 different drench groups/classes you should be aware of when treating gastrointestinal worms. Generally speaking, if  you have drench resistance to one product within a group, there will be drench… read more